Salad bowl

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Food Grade Takeaway Disposable Kraft Paper Soup Bowl
These round bowls are manufactured from recyclable Kraft paper and featured a PE Lined interior, flexible, durable, not easily deformed. Water-proof and oil resistant, suitable for many purposes. The ideal option for items such as chilled salads, poke and sushi, these bowls are available in a range of size specifications for enhanced versatility.

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Product Name Item Upφ+Downφ+Hight
Kraft Paper Bowl 500ml     16oz 150mm+128mm+46mm
750ml     26oz 150mm+128mm+59mm
900ml     30oz 180mm+160mm+51mm
1000ml    32oz 150mm+128mm+73mm
1100ml    36oz 165mm+145mm+67mm
1300ml    44oz 165mm+145mm+79mm
1500ml    50oz 185mm+160mm+73mm

Disposable paper bowl for soup, chili, ice cream, desserts, and other dishes;
PE coated, moisture and grease resistant; Safe for use in microwaves;
Recyclable, food-grade, strong paper to help resist cuts and provide strength and rigidity;
can contain salad, fro-yo, nuts, snacks, candies, jelly shots, fruits, chili soup, mac, or cheese.
we offers a wide range of salad bowl and lid options. Multiple size options are available The lid rPET, a plastic material with a high level of previously recycled content and with strong all round sustainability credentials.


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